So. Did I miss anything?

So. Did I miss anything?

My apologies. I had meant to return earlier.

I was delayed.

… anyway, I am listening, at this moment, to Sue Gardner, on the subject of public broadcasting. A cat sits next to me, cleaning herself, as cats are inclined to do.

Ms. Gardner’s discussion would beĀ here, if you’re curious.

This first post of the rebirth of this creature of the ancient world, I hereby apologize, may appear not so much composed as stuttering into being. Which, indeed, it is. I had not quite expected to begin breathing again, in quite this fashion. It seems, however, I have.

What will go here, I cannot quite predict, in great detail, as yet. A little of what always was, I expect. And certain other things.

We are in a brave new world, in this online world, to adapt Shakespeare’s Miranda. I was present, through the sweep of this, yes. And watched it, as it spiralled rapidly to what it has now become. And what Ms. Gardner deftly describes.

… and I do expect what it has become–and what, if anything, we can do to shape it to something perhaps a little less corrosive to stable, healthy, and cohesive social structures–will be prominent among those certain other things.

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