Okay, I’m getting a bit obsessed here, I know. But I’ve been finding the whole IDC thing especially amusing, for some reason, last few days.

And yes, as I said on another blog, mebbe I’m finding it too amusing.

But I should probably at least link to Nick Matzke’s followup to the Behe/Luskin smackdown—seeing as I’d previously commented upon said smackdown.

Lotsa good stuff in the latest. But I think my favourite excerpt is:
Finally, if Luskin is serious in his claim that all flagella are irreducible, but some flagellar are more irreducible than others, then he is basically admitting that he is proposing thousands or millions of instances of miraculous special creation of flagella, all in such a way that phylogenetic trees of conserved flagellar proteins just happen to match each other and match the phylogenetic trees of the bacteria in question. That is quite a coincidence if all of these different flagella were poofed into existence.

— Matzke, in Casey Luskin’s self-flagellation, at The Panda’s Thumb.

Heh. Yep. That’s good stuff. There’s some stiff competition, in there, but I think that particular paragraph wins. The twice-counted peptides, those were good, too, but the specially created (so as to appear related) flagella, those are right up there with the ‘the Earth was created last Tuesday… but created so as to appear old’ thing.

Anyway. About that title. It’s one more, and that was this one. Gonna try to move on, now. Really.