Call it the ‘black knight’ stage of a refuted claim.

Poor Michael Behe. The Darwin’s Black Box guy really seemed to have convinced himself, lo these many years ago, that he’d found his god in the butt propeller1 of a bacterium. He was so convinced: the flagellum was too durned complex to have come about from anything but the activity of an intelligent designer. Jes’ look at all those cool little parts! Now where could those have come from the but the mind of a bearded guy in the sky?

Well, said a lot of people, who knows? Cooption of pre-existing ones, maybe? And, who’s to say all those pieces have to be there?

‘Pure hand-waving!’ said the ID cheerleaders. And never mind that evidence for co-option turns up all over biological organisms, never mind that there’s nothing particularly startling about it. And never mind that the ID folk themselves hadn’t, well, particularly demonstrated all those parts were exactly necessary for the structure to function in the first place.

Complicated, they said. Oooh, very complicated. Ergo: God.


Yeah. About those two very things. Turns out that some 20 of those proteins (at most) are indispensable for the assembly’s function (as opposed to the 40+ Behe had once claimed)2, and of those 20, we now know the coding regions for 18 of them have homologues elsewhere in the genome

And that’s just so far. The remaining two, I’d expect, they’re working on those.

In other words: the flagellum rather obviously did evolve (as if this was news). And, rather obviously, it was cobbled together from pre-existing parts.

Behe’s response? Well, it’s kinda sad, if you think there’s nothing much sadder than seeing someone have his pet idea shredded to a fine powder before his very eyes, and then having him insist, all the same, that none of this matters…

Details at that link. But I’ll make it simple for you, if the details aren’t of interest. Paraphrasing, it’s pretty much this:
Oh! Had enough, eh? Come back and take what’s coming to you, you yellow bastards!! Come back here and take what’s coming to you! I’ll bite your legs off!
Like I said. Kinda sad3.

1See also ‘The church of the butt propeller’, courtesy a commenter at at Pharyngula.

2See citations in Nick Matzke’s second Panda’s Thumb piece.

3And, actually, sadly typical. Look, now, for this claim to go the way of all Gishisms: it will be repeated, quite despite having been shown to be without merit, ad nauseum before credulous audiences unto the end of time by Brylcreemed frauds working church basements. Plus ša change.