22 more backside ones* (2:01, H.264, 36 MB), done at lunch, yesterday. Specifically: 12 to switch, 10 from. I’m letting the camera run, now, just to get a look at how I’m popping, especially, so have this footage anyway. Been hunting around for some coaching but haven’t found it, yet, so being able to see what it looks like is invaluable, in the meantime (and I guess would be anyway).

Yeah, kinda repetitive. But practising things is like that. You know… You ‘re sure you can really do it when it actually starts getting boring.

Getting pretty reliable, now, anyway. Had one fall in the whole session (not shown). And, yep, I can pull off six or seven of these in a row now with neither a fall nor a rest.

And yeah, I know, this whole thing must be looking a bit like an obsession now…

So it’s an obsession. Still. I’m gonna nail these things.

(*/No longer present on server. I may host it in a cloud later, but there’s an odd pattern of traffic around this stuff and I have to protect bandwidth. Figure those who want to see them already have now anyway.)