So back when those two huge-ish storms came through around Christmas, and dumped all that snow everywhere, I took some of what I had to shovel off of walks and roofs anyway and piled it up into a small takeoff hill and a kicker in the backyard…

Yes, really. I mean, hey, the neighbours maintain a skating rink in their yard through the winter. I figure this is only fair…

(Sure, it’s gonna be a bit much if anyone, say, insists upon building a speed skating oval. But until then.)

Anyway. Today I finally had the time at lunch on a day when enough snow was falling to make actually using the thing safe enough (there’s not much of a runout… things get too packed, I’m likely to wind up in the neighbours’ rink, thing is, so some fresh snow is a good thing…)

So I got out there (as opposed to, say, eating), and it turns out it’s a real sweetheart of a setup. Don’t get much speed, but it’s real easy to turn 180s over this thing, ‘long as you swing the board quicklike in the 1’ or so of air very briefly achieved.

So I set up a camera. Results are attached. (MPEG-4, 3MB, 26s).

No, we’re not talking big air, here. And yes, that backside from switch is still pretty rough. It is the least practiced of the lot.

Still, they’re generally coming along, if I do say so myself.

(Next backyard project: a bigger hill. And mebbe a lift.)