… there in your heart, and that is you.

This is partly a ‘still ‘round post. Apologies, again.

Been busy. Always. Keep getting dragged into things.

I’ve managed, despite all that’s even sane, mostly to keep moving on instrumental stuff (traditional fiddle stuff, mostly, oddly enough), and exercise. That and work. The odd foray into other blogs’ comment threads, y’know…

About that traditional fiddle, it’s funny…

It’s really not my world, honestly. I knew people whose it was, once. Never really was my scene. I had a strange allergy to it, I think. Y’know… raised small town, but not from there, never felt so much at home there, kinda felt a bit alienated, especially from the folk into stuff like ‘country’ or that smelled vaguely of it, many of whom were the assholes in the public schools, y’know… And while I had some occasional idle curiosity about those old folk traditions, there’s always so much else to do.

And even when we had the Celtic revival and so on, some decades back, now, again, it seemed so artificial. Fun enough, on and off. But artificial. Transplanted wood-paneled Irish pubs in the suburbs aren’t really. Culture is something we make up as we go along, anyway… Why pretend this is the 16th century? It isn’t.

But there was a practicality to it. Violins are small and convenient and I have one, and fretless instruments are good for the ear. And the traditional repertoire is almost all first position, the kind of thing I can sight read without working up a sweat. And sure, a lot of that stuff, it’s catchy, in a funny, antiquarian way. If you’re starting out on the instrument again, and you don’t want to be playing the same damned études you’ve done a million times, the traditional repertoire is huge (I’ve a fakebook with just under 500 songs, and there are free online libraries as large), and you can pick up, play, get stuff into ears and fingers, and before you know it, you’ve a repertoire, and, really, it’s a little less boring than working on the same Mozart thing for weeks on end.

I’m not really channeling Edgar Lee Masters’ Fiddler Jones, yet, I don’t think. But I think I kinda get that vibration thing, now. Something about the energy of those things, and the time signatures. People should be dancing, is how it feels.

Been at it some months. Trying to keep it consistent, keep it building. We’ll see if I can keep that up, I guess, as life keeps coming.